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Common Door Problems
5th October 2014
Common Door Problems

As you are all aware, the busy festive period will shortly be upon us. Your door can be pretty resilient but over time even the most secure doors can develop a problem.

The most common door faults are:

  • Alignment Problems
  • Rusty Hinges
  • Hardware Failure
  • Door Swelling
  • Faulty Door frames

The most important function of your door is for it to open and close. If the frame is swollen, cracked or the hinges are coming away this can interefere with the normal operation of the door, alignment problems and even prevent the door from opening and closing.

The good news? Repairing a door frame isnt usually as expensive or as complex as reparing a door.

Book yourself in for a door service with us to avoid future problems when the bad weather hits!