Our engineers are competent in all aspects of door maintenance, from servicing floor spring units, to installing fire exit equipment.

We offer a fast and reliable service with over 35 years experience.  If you require a quotation or wish to discuss our services further – please contact us.


Door Repairs

Our skilled engineers can solve many problems to your existing doors. These cover repairs to the door fabric i.e. damaged timber, along with lock problems and solutions to in-correct door closure. Our engineers can install doors, door closers, locks and door furniture.


What is a door closer?

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened.

Where are they found?

Door closers are located on doors in all forms of commercial and residential buildings old and new. Most often they are...

In the event of a fire the entire escape route, up to and including the final exit from a building must remain free from obstruction, at all times.

The final exits on an escape route in a public building are known as the fire exits.

The final fire exit doors should open easily, immediately and to...

Planned Preventative Maintenance

What is it?

A scheduled service visit to ensure an item of equipment is operating correctly and therefore avoid any un-expected breakdown and downtime.


Why do I need a maintenance programme?

Equipment failure is inconvenient and expensive to correct, compared...



The Extended Profile System is the latest developed locking system from EVVA.

Below you will find the many benefits of this system, as well as a list of the products we supply:

  • Anti-drill and anti-pick (even James Bond can't crack these)
  • Hard wearing keys...

Glossary of Terms