Door Operation

What is a door closer?

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened.

Where are they found?

Door closers are located on doors in all forms of commercial and residential buildings old and new. We supply and fit a wide range of door closers from economic overhead closers to sophisticated units that release a door to close in the event of a fire (wiring to system by others).

There are 3 main categories of door closing equipment:

Overhead Closers

Overhead closers are the most commonly used door closer because they can be fitted to almost any swinging door and fix with an arm to the frame of the door. They come in a variety of options both for purpose and visual design. They are most suited to lighter duty and internal doors. Some external locations may also be suitable.

Floor Spring Units

Floor spring units are hydraulic and fitted into the floor beneath the door to aid door closing on heavy duty doors or doors with more traffic. They can also be used on doors that are required to swing both ways.

Floor springs are used in place of the more standard face fixed door closer and are covered by a metal plate on the floor. The door is pivoted on the top and bottom as opposed to hanging on hinges, this makes them smooth functioning and aesthetically subtle.

Transom Spring Units

Transom spring units are hydraulic units fitted within the door frame to aid door closing on more industrial and commercial use doors.

Not all locations are suitable for floor spring units due to under floor pipe work, flooring materials and the depth of floor available, in this case a transom spring unit would be considered a suitable option. Transom spring units are concealed within a purpose made frame.

Fire Related - Electro Hold Open Units

There are some door closers which are integrated into the fire alarm system, therefore in the event of the fire alarm being activated the doors release from their hold open position and close to control the spread of fire. Any wiring into fire alarm system, would need to be conducted by others.