Door Repairs

Our skilled engineers can solve many problems to your existing doors. These cover repairs to the door fabric i.e. damaged timber, along with lock problems and solutions to in-correct door closure. Our engineers can install doors, door closers, locks and door furniture.


New Doors

We can manufacture doors to any shape and size. These are mainly suitable for commercial buildings and residential communal locations i.e. main entrance doors

Doors can be manufactured from a variety of materials, these include:

  • Timber Doors
  • Aluminium Doors
  • Armour Plated Glass Doors


We can supply and fit all forms of locks, from high security cylinders with keys to pass (please see our High Security Locking System page) to standard Yale cylinders.

Manual Digital Locks

One of the simplest and cheapest forms of door access is a manual digital lock. A code of your choice can be placed in the memory allowing authorised users to gain access. These are most suitable for doors used by many persons, eliminating the need for key management.

Entry Systems

There are various different methods of entry system. These can range from push button door stations e.g. as seen on main entrance doors to commercial properties or apartments, to video entry systems or computer aided entry equipment.


We can re-glaze all forms of door and window glass. From standard glass panes to double glazed units and armour plated glass panels.