High Security Locking System



The Extended Profile System is the latest developed locking system from EVVA.

Below you will find the many benefits of this system, as well as a list of the products we supply:

  • Anti-drill and anti-pick (even James Bond can't crack these)
  • Hard wearing keys and cylinder
  • Extra keys  can only be cut by authorised personnel, this makes them a perfect choice for landlords, shop owners etc. Suitable for any location with a high turnover of staff as long as the keys are handed back on exit.
  • Easy to re-order via the telephone/ email. Goods will be despatched within 1-3 working days (dependant on availability and special order). A signature will be required when received (subject to our security checks)
  • Various types of cylinders available to suit your individual requirements.
  • The initial set up costs more than a conventional system, however the saving in keys, cylinder changes etc. coupled with the peace of mind from the extra security, in our opinion far outweighs the extra costs
  • The quality of these products is exceptional. As an owner or managing agent of an apartment block you are well aware how often you are changing cylinders, due to badly cut keys and premature wear of lesser quality products on the market. This will no longer be the case.
  • Each key is stamped with your own security number, which is registered to you only, making these 100% safe.
  • If you are un-sure what cylinder you require, email us a good quality picture and we should be able to help with your requirements.
  • These cylinders are as easy as a standard cylinder to fit. There is no need to alter existing lock cases.
  • This system is available as a Master system. Cylinders can be made to work on the same key if required (at an additional cost)

Able Door Spring Company fully endorse this system whether fitted or supplied by ourselves. In our opinion the EVVA EPS system is the way forward for peace of mind and security. If you wish to see the full technical specification of this system it can be viewed on EVVA's web site.


Price List

Rim cylinder (Yale type/ Night Latch type)                                                          £37.50

Single Screw in Cylinders                                                                                  £42.50

Pair of Screw in Cylinders                                                                                  £67.50

Euro Profile key & key Cylinder 60mm overall length                                            £40.50

Euro Profile key & key Cylinder 70mm overall length                                            £43.50

Euro Profile key & turn buckle Cylinder 60mm overall length                                 £44.50

Euro Profile key & turn buckle Cylinder 70mm overall length                                  £47.50

Half Euro Profile Cylinder                                                                                   £35.50

Oval (European) key & key Cylinder 60mm overall length                                     £40.50

Oval (European) key & key Cylinder 70mm overall length                                     £43.50

Oval (European) key & turn buckle Cylinder 60mm overall length                          £44.50

Oval (European) key & turn buckle Cylinder 70mm overall length                          £46.50

Half Oval (European) Cylinder                                                                           £35.50

Extra Keys (3 are supplied with each new cylinder)                                              £14.95

Passing charge per cylinder                                                                                                          £9.50


All above prices exclude vat and carriage.


Royal Mail

Single Cylinder, with 3 keys (max 500g bag)                                                       £6.95


Multi buy                                                                                                                 £8.50



We are always happy to provide a better price for bulk orders.

Please Note

The above products are a small sample of the most widely used cylinders.

There are more types and sizes available on request.

Cylinders are also available in brass finish to suit different applications.